​​It all started with a thoughtful gift from my wife, a Mr. Beer kit.  Although the first batch turned out to be undrinkable, it started a family brewing addiction.  We quickly dove in to all grain batches and got involved with the local homebrew club.  It was there that we met several people making this "new" product called mead.  We tried a few products that were on the shelves at the wine and liquor store and didn't like what we tasted.

As a sidenote, there weren't many meaderies open yet... luckily that has changed and the stores now cary some good brands!

​Around this time, the owner of The Colony Meadery in Allentown, Mike Manning, held a mead making demonstration for national mead day.  We had the honor of trying several different homemade meads that day and our minds were blown!  It would be an understatement to say that these were a million times better than what we tried up to that point.  From that day on, we threw ourselves into making mead.  While our beer making skills didn't advance too much, our meads sure did!

We made all sorts of different experimental batches and starting winning awards as our meads improved.  We even started to joke around about opening a meadery.  For our second wedding anniversary, we made a pomegranate, cherry bochet and named it "Love".  Without any expectations, we submitted this mead to a national competition in order to get feedback.  To our amazement, this mead won best of show in the entire competition.  Furthermore, one of the competition judges approached us at the following homebrew meeting and asked when we were opening a meadery.  He told us "Love" was one of the best meads he's ever had.  I remember the look and grin on my wife's face because I gave her the same look back.  From that point on we were serious about opening a commercial meadery, and here we are today!

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