Honey: Orange Blossom                               ABV = 12%

This blend of black tea and aromatic spices will take your taste buds on a journey half way across the globe and back again.

Honey: Orange Blossom                               ABV = 12%

​This traditional mead is made from orange blossom honey, which provides citrus and floral notes... don't worry, it's not you, it's mead.

Honey: Orange Blossom                              ABV = 12%

Cold-infused with Reading Coffee Roasters gourrmet Jazzy Java, it offers notes of cinnamon, pecan, chestnut, and rum.  Delicious creamy coffee taste, without the bitterness.

Honey: Orange Blossom                               ABV = 12%

These elderberries have been busy for quite some time creating this fruit-forward mead, full of jammy deliciousness.  So show them some respect... they are your elders, after all.

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Honey: Orange Blossom                              ABV = 10.5%

This mead combines tart and sweet cherries that'll have you singing, there's a whole lotta cherry goin' on.

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Honey: Orange Blossom                               ABV = 12%

Ceylon Cinnamon, originating from Sri Lanka, has been hailed as the "true cinnamon".  Ceylon's sweet and delicate notes are perfectly complimented by Madagascar vanilla beans.

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